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february 23 2012

Well, it's been quite a while since I've updated this website. I am very sorry for the delay. However, if you ever need current info and jpegs of my current projects I am working on, please visit my Deviant Art site. I update that weekly.

I'll be adding new pieces to the Portfolio section of this site - The Cape, cover work, etc. So check it out if you haven't seen it yet. I'll also be putting up some featured pieces for sale on this site in the coming weeks. Nice and easy to buy my crap!

Lastly, The Cape is wrapping up and please keep us in mind for award season. It's a hell of a series and I'm very proud of it. The collections will be out in the coming months also.

I will be a guest at Denver's first Comic Con June 15th - 17th. It is shaping up to be a wonderful convention with a ton of good guests. Can't wait for this one!

Then in July I'll be signing at the IDW booth all weekend at SDCC. A rare visit to this convention for me, but I have to promote The Cape HC. Come by and get some sketches or some other crap signed!


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